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Limitless business.


Expertly manage the financials of your business from one place with all-in-one solution for businesses.

Why amp is perfect for your business

Corporate card created for your everyday business needs

With on-demand access to credit alongside the ability to set tailored spending caps, businesses can confidently manage cashflow and navigate day to day operations with enhanced flexibility and clarity.

Access fuss-free credit

Get access to working capital without the traditional lengthy process.

Amplify your rewards

With every dollar spent, you can earn valuable reward points that can be seamlessly converted into cashback and other perks.

Improve employee retention

With earned wage access, you can provide employees with financial well-being benefits.

Make payments to 180+ countries

Manage your foreign exchanges and payments in a single place.

Invoice Financing

Fast and easy invoice financing for growing businesses

Obtain financing at your fingertips. Our fully digital process is designed so that you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

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    Immediate access to funds when you need it
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    Everything is digitialised and reduce time spent on fill up forms
Reward Points

Earn points that do not expire

Embark on your rewards journey with our cash back option, and get ready for more as we unveil upcoming loyalty programs like KF Miles. Watch this space!
*Terms and conditions apply

Earned Wage Access

Boost productivity and employee retention

A financial benefit that is not a payday loan. Employees can draw the salary earned any time, reducing their reliance on high-interest loans.

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    Implement at zero cost with no change to your payroll process
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    Improve employee satisfaction and morale
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    Become the employer of choice
Multi-Currency Virtual Account

Best FX rates for your business

Enjoy real-time currency conversion at competitive rates. Whether you are sending money across borders or making international purchases, you get a transparent and favourable exchange rate.

Convert instantly and store up to 13 currencies.

International Payments

Fast and secure payments

Make low-cost payments seamlessly across our network. As a regulated entity, we have put in place measures to ensure your funds are secure.

Amplify your
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